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New YACHT member, 12 year old Bryant KG5HVO, made an entrance into the club in a big way.  Bryant is somewhat of an oddity, as he is the only ham in his family (so far).  He was licensed in May, 2015, and upgraded to General Class about three months later.  He is becoming quite proficient in CW and enjoys DX contesting... so much so that he submitted an essay for an all expense paid DXpedition, with a parent.  HE WON!  

Bryant didn't just win a free trip for him and a parent to Costa Rica, but he also won a complete HF station presented by the Jefferson Amateur Radio Club in Louisiana.

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This is the presentation by Todd Dubon KD4YHY to Bryant as winner of the YDXA Youth DX Association 2017 Essay Contest winner. Bryant is the youngest member of the Jefferson Amateur Radio Club.

His momma sure is proud, too.  She emailed Bryant's essay that is published below:


While I never want to be in an emergency or natural disaster, being a licensed ham radio operator prepares me for this type of situation. Through dedicated involvement and valuable goal setting, I have realized the importance of amateur radio in our community.

Although I earned my general class license just over a year ago, I have immersed myself in participating in on-air activities, supporting my local club, and promoting youth in ham radio. I enjoy chasing awards and electives in ham radio such as the ARRL’s Worked All States and the DX Century Club, and I am an avid DX’er and love to make QSO’s with foreign entities. The Jefferson Amateur Radio Club invited me to be a guest operator in the ARRL sweepstakes phone contest, and I logged fifty contacts in one hour. Being a certified SKYWARN storm spotter for the National Weather Service (NWS) allows me to act as a relay station for the NWS if the local repeater is unusable. Recently, I assisted with setup for the local hamfest and attended my first field day. My favorite part in ham radio is introducing other youth to this wonderful hobby. At the Mini Makers Faire in New Orleans, I volunteered to demonstrate how amateur radio works and why it is a rewarding hobby. Currently, I am coaching my friend as he prepares for his technician exam. Participating in on-air activities, supporting my local club, and promoting youth in ham radio are ways I stay involved in amateur radio.

Three specific future goals that I am working toward are leading a DXpedition, contacting the International Space Station (ISS), and teaching a youth license class. Being a boy scout and outdoor enthusiast, one day I plan to organize and execute a DXpedition to Johnston Atoll in the South Pacific (#8 on the most wanted entity list) to help other hams attain this rare entity. Currently, I am learning about satellites and look forward to “working the birds.” In particular, I hope to contact NA1SS (the International Space Station). Finally, I am preparing to lead a technician license class specifically for youth, because one of the most important things to me is mentoring new hams. From this, I will springboard into facilitating hands-on workshops for building simple antennas and ultimately organize a youth contesting club. These specific goals will enable me to continue growing and learning in the amateur radio field.

Even non-hams can appreciate the importance emergency communication aspect of amateur radio, but they may not realize how radio fosters international goodwill and provides educational opportunities across many areas of study. Ham radio is a vital aspect of communications for emergencies because it does not require internet connectivity, and operators can deploy quickly to assist in emergency communications. For example, during and after Hurricane Katrina, ham radio played a crucial role and was the only source of communication out of New Orleans. Ham radio creates goodwill throughout the world because operators all have one things in common...they delight in QSOs with other hams. Because amateur radio encompasses physics, engineering, and electronics principles, along with verbal communication skills, and global geographic awareness, educational opportunities are available for both novices and advanced operators. Emergency communications, international goodwill, and educational benefits are important facets of amateur radio.

Through my ardent involvement and worthwhile goal setting, I hope to convey the importance of amateur radio in our world. Seven threes from the bayous of Louisiana!

Bryant will be operating in Costa Rica from August 3-8, 2017.  Congratulations to Bryant, and we'll be looking for him on the air!

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