KD9FYV First Time Net Controller

First time controlling a net can be nerve-racking for anybody.  Read about 12 year-old Shelby's first experience calling the YACHT Youth Net on January 21, 2017.  Shelby's dad, Scott KC9ZBC, recorded the entire net on video as well.

by Shelby KD9FYV

My first time controlling the net was a very cool time. The whole reason why I went for the opportunity was because I thought it would be an easy thing to do.

Well I found out that it had it's easy parts but getting all of the call-signs right and tying to write them down it was fast and you had to be quick.

Don't let that discourage you just ask nicely to have them repeat and they will know that you a first or second timer control operator. What I was going to do is to type it down on the computer but once the day came I realized that I have to watch EchoLink.

Once you do it feels good like you have conquered your fear. I think everyone that has a license should step up to the plate and take a great swing and hit that ball out of the park.

Hope everyone has a great time with ham radio and if you have a chance at net control, take it and seize the moment and have some fun.

73 From KD9FYV Shelby in Goodman, WI

Jan 24, 2017 Category: General Posted by: YACHT
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