KC3CDU AllStar page and Ham Links

Atlanta Rabbits Amateur Radio Club KA5AHS - Atlanta, Texas

Hammies Amateur Radio Club ZS6ZU - South Africa

Ham Radio World - DeLand, Florida
A family of six Ham Radio operators. The kids are all homeschooled and Amateur Radio plays an integral part in the curriculum. Site includes blogs, articles, and videos...

https://m.facebook.com/w5nio Jack Paylor #164

http://n0nws.com/youth/ Missouri Skywarn Youth Sunday 7:30pm

http://km4sii.younghams.org Mason's webpage

https://yarc.world/  Young Amateurs group, their net on YACHT echolink node on Sunday 7pm CST

K3LR Youth event for CQ WW WPX SSB

Ham Radio Links for Kids

HAM conference page Worldwide site of nodes and connections, including YACHT

K4AMG Memorial Amateur Radio club (youth)

SouthCoast Amateur Radio Service (SCARS)

 Everything Ham Radio

 YACHT Net for Feb. 22

North Arkansas Amateur Radio Society

DigiComm Cafe interview with Wade N8YMX and Katie KE8LQR Listen here

Teen Ham Videos

Interview with Father/Daughter team ND0C and KE0WPA Listen here

The Radio Collector, an award winning PBS series from 1985  Listen & Watch here

Licensing and Elmering

Ham Study - An excellent resource to study for each FCC Amateur Radio License exam.



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