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YACHT EchoLink/VHF Preamble:
"Good evening, Welcome to the YACHT youth net, a group function of the Young Amateurs Communications Ham Team. This net is held every Saturday evening at 7pm CST on the <YACHT> conference server #954283. Although this net is targeted to youth hams, any licensed ham is welcome to check in.

Your net control this evening is [Your name and Call Sign], and my YACHT number is [Your YTM/YTC number].  I'm located in [Your QTH].

Please give your membership number if you are a YACHT member, otherwise give your call, first name, and QTH. The net is now open for check ins.

(Keep a list of check ins and email to KG8CX)

EchoLink Youth Nets Schedule:


YACHT Youth Net:  Saturdays at 7pm Central
<YACHT> Conference server EchoLink Node #954283 and on #481872 W8PIF-R Repeater 

Net Controls: Main NC: Ed KG8CX...Youth NC on 1st & 5th Saturdays and whenever needed

Louisiana Youth Net: Thursdays at 7pm Central - net controls: Kendra KF5FYS, Abbi KF5BEW
EchoLink Node #370324 W5DDL-R Repeater and on <YACHT> Conference

Missouri Skywarn Youth Net Sundays at 7:30pm Central on <YACHT> Conference and NONWS-R - rotating net controls

Miami Co. (IN) Youth Net Tuesdays at 8pm EST on K9ZEV-R - rotating net controls

Kentucky Colonel's Youth Net Fridays at 9pm CDST on K4WKU-L - Zoey W0ZOE is net control

Discord Youth Net Sundays at 9pm CDST on <YACHT> conference node - College/High School age, but anyone welcome


YACHT / HAMMIES FRIENDSHIP NET:  1st Saturday at 1pm Central (Daylight time, 12 noon rest of year)
<YACHT> conference. Monthly nets on, Feb. 3, March 3, April 7, May 5, June 2, 2018

Check 14.327.00 or 7.227.00 for occasional contacts.

 Occasionally we will call CQ for YACHT contacts.

YACHT HF Preamble:
Hello and welcome to the K8KDZ YACHT youth call on 20/40 meters, I am a member  of the Young Amateurs Communications Ham Team and my call is _____.  Any ham licensed to operate on this frequency is welcome to answer my call.

More information on the YACHT Club can be found by visiting, or by contacting the club trustee, Ed KG8CX.  He's good on QRZ

Please call ______________.

Net Format: Directed but relaxed.

The purpose of this net is to foster camaraderie among the youth members of the YACHT club.  


  • Non-hams may check into the net "third party" if an appropriately licensed control operator is present and identifies as such.
  • Novice and Technician Class hams may check into the net "third party" using their own call sign if an appropriately licensed control operator is present and identifies as such.
    NOTE:  Using a Novice or Technician call sign is ONLY for the purpose of checking into the net, and not for identifying.  The control operator must identify.
  • Anyone can identify using a club call sign as long as an appropriately licensed control operator is present.  It is not necessary for the control operator to identify as the control operator unless requested.


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