YACHT Members Active in Field Day

A number of our youth operators contributed in outstanding ways to their local club's Field Day efforts. 

Among them:  Mason KM4SII, Violetta KM4ATT, Dhruv KC9ZJX, Brett KD8NAZ, Bryant KG5HVO, Andrew KD8ZAF, Hazel KD8YZX, Ian W9IAN, Clay KD9HGO, the Goodson boys, Cody N5GNR, Dylan N5APP, Kyle N5KWG, and their dad Jerry W5BFF.  Each one contributed greatly to their club's scores, and are to be complimented on their activity.  Special recognition to Mikey from the DAR radio club for making 6 contacts at the M&M ARC FD.  He is eager to get his ham license soon.  When he does, he will be made a YACHT member.

Go to the <Photos> page and click on "Field Day 2017" to see some of them in action.

Jun 26, 2017 Category: General Posted by: YACHT
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