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Another outstanding net control took over the July 8 YYN.  Shelby KD9FYV handled the chores in absence of Ed KG8CX who was returning from HRO in Milwaukee with a major set of purchases for the K8DAR radio club.  A new young ham joined the net:  Aidan KC3JLI, age 10 from PA.  His dad Chris K3ADA also checked in, along with a nice group of others.

Here is a video from the Lea ham kids of DeLand, FL. They are masters of instructional/informational videos...all from youngsters  age 10 to 14.  Their dad, James, is a professional video engineer and the quality is obvious. Enjoy them here  https://youtu.be/vSCDujMEyF4

Tommy N1SPY YTM#128 is quite the "young scientist".  Check out his experiments  https://www.facebook.com/thomas.coolprojects/

Check out our Facebook page for added info from Mason KM4SII on his IARU weekend efforts.  Other neat ham links and information is also posted here.  Join our FB crew, if you haven't already done so. 

We have just added Gary Pearce KN4AQ from HamRadioNow and his co-host David W0DHG to our list of FB members.  The growth of the YACHT team since January has been awesome.  Thanks for all the recognition and support. 

Watch this video from HamRadioNow and host Gary Pearce featuring a 13 yr old ham and his new efforts at video podcasting  http://www.southgatearc.org/news/2017/july/hamradionow-the-hamkid.htm#.WWPeeemQw2x

 Ruth KM4LAO #166 has an article published in the Aug. issue of QST p. 70

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