Net Review: January 7, 2017

We had two nets on Saturday, January 7th: the South African Friendship net and our regular Youth net in the evening.

Boy! We lucked out and both set records or near records.  The YACHT/So. Africa net had 17 check ins with 9 of them coming from our friends at the tip of the African continent, and the YACHT Youth Net brought in 21 connections from 10 states, 16 of whom were YACHT members.

Thanks to these young hams who joined us:

  • KC3ITT Ian
  • KM4SII Mason
  • KD8ZAF Andrew
  • N5GNR Cody
  • KM4ATT Violetta
  • KM4ACR James
  • K1ARD Aiden
  • KD9FYV Shelby
  • KM4CLT Vonita
  • N5APP Dylan
  • N5KWG Kyle

I appreciate the support and those of the adults who also joined us. 

Speaking of youth nets, the Louisiana Youth Net comes to you on Thursday evenings at 7pm CST on the W5DDL-R system.  Abbi KF5BEW and Kendra KF5FYS, two YL's in Lafayette and who have been Yacht members for several years, run this net. Check it out and support their efforts.

Jan 18, 2017 Category: General Posted by: YACHT
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