More YACHT youth activity from our busy group of young hams...

YACHT members are active and busy both on and off the air.  Special DX announcement, read on...

Our net from July 22 was well attended by 21 check ins, 13 of whom were young hams from ages 10-20. We are anxiously awaiting Aug. 3 when two of our members, Bryant KG5HVO and Chris KD8YVJ will represent the Yacht team on the 2017 Youth Dx Adventure to Costa Rica.  Listen for them on several HF bands and give them many Yacht contacts.  One of our members, Thomas N1SPY from FL is quite a ham experimenter with many neat projects to his credit.  His latest can be found here

We are blessed to have so many outstanding young hams among us. Thomas is but one example. More on other members later.

Jul 23, 2017 Category: General Posted by: YACHT
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