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YACHT NEWS for Sept. 30, 2017
Young Amateurs Communications Ham Team K8KDZ
Connecting Young Hams, Creating Friendships, Expanding the Voice of Youth in Ham Radio
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NET REVIEW... Another great net for the beginning of the Fall season. 18 check ins with 9 youth finding space in my log.
Could still use a youth net control for this Saturday's net as it is the 5th one in the month. If no one steps up to the plate, I will take over. Violetta KM4ATT has agreed to run the net for Oct 7.

MICHIGAN HAMCON...As I've mentioned previously here, Jim KS8O and I will be attending the first ever Great Lakes Division hamfest the first weekend in October. We will set up a YACHT display at the RCA table with permission of Carole Perry. Jim and I will staff the table to promote YACHT and youth hams in general. At 2pm on Saturday, Carole Perry will present her famous Youth Forum. One of our members, Dhruv Rebba KC9ZJX, will make a presentation. According to Carole, several others are also on the agenda.
**Jim and I would like to encourage other YACHT members to consider making the trip to Michigan International Speedway at Brooklyn, MI, the site of the Great Lakes Division Hamfest. We sure would like to meet some of our members, that we missed by not attending Hamvention last May. If you live within reasonable driving distance of Ham Con, we would like to invite you to show up at the RCA table between 10am and 2pm, at which time we will attend the Youth Forum.

N1SPY WITH ANOTHER PROJECT...Thomas N1SPY continues to produce interesting DIY projects from his Florida QTH. Here is his latest video https://www.facebook.com/thomas.coolprojects/videos/153056345290998/
Keep em comin' Tommy, We enjoy reading and seeing those fantastic projects from one of our young hams.

BEING PREPARED FOR AN EMERGENCY... The Lea girls provide us with a fun video on being prepared for an emergency. Watch here https://youtu.be/LqNrX3nVgwI

HAM RADIO HELPING OUT IN PUERTO RICO... http://www.cnn.com/2017/09/27/us/puerto-rico-maria-ham-radio-operators-trnd/index.html

FACEBOOK MEMBERSHIP HITS 94... Welcome to Dillard KG5QKE of Eunice, LA as a new member of the YACHT facebook page. Will we reach 100 this year?

73, and join us on the YACHT net Sat. at 7pm on W8PIF-R. In the meantime, join Abby and Kendra on the Louisiana Youth net tonight 7pm on W5EXI-R

Ed Engleman KG8CX

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