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YACHT NEWS for November 25
Young Amateurs Communications Ham Team K8KDZ
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This issue is going out one day early due to the Thanksgiving holiday
NET REVIEW... The net of November 18 ended up with 16 check ins. Thanks to KM4CLT #141 Vonita, KM4SII #132 Mason, KF5FYS #94 Kendra, KN4HDO Helena, KM4ATT #140 Violetta, KM4ACR #127 James, and 3rd party check in Lachlen KE8IAA 3rd party age 6.

CQ WW CW CONTEST... Another major contest comes up this weekend. Some of our members are quite proficient in CW and may give this contest a whirl. https://www.cqww.com/

HAMVENTION YOUTH FORUM STORY...In my travels around the WW web, I came across this site http://radioclubofamerica.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/CQ-Magazine-Sept-2017.pdf
You may recognize some of the youth pictured and written about.

SKYWARN RECOGNITION DAY... Coming up on December 2 for any and all hams interested in participating http://www.weather.gov/crh/skywarnrecognition

THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT...We've reached 20 check ins 11 times since June 3. That shows the great support of most of our youth and adult membership. However, there are still those of you out there who have not been heard on the YYN for some time or ever. If you do not have the echolink capability, consider downloading it and use to keep in contact with your team. This is the best way to stay in contact with other YACHT members and their activities other than YACHT NEWS. We would love to use HF as a way to remain in touch, but not all have this capability and the bands are not reliable for everyone.

A FUN YOUTH NET RECOMMENDATION...I recommend that anyone with echolink capability consider connecting up to K9ZEV-R on Tuesday evenings at 8pm EST (7pm CST) for an outstanding net run by young hams.. It is the Miami County (IN) Youth Net. They have a weekly "Question of the Week" for check ins to respond to, if they wish. This Tuesday net had close to 25 check ins, mostly young hams. A few of us were "old timers" but was happy to see some of our YACHT members join in. Miami County has a crew of youngsters who are enjoying ham radio, a number of them just recently licensed. Give them our YACHT support. One of their rotating net controls is Clay KD9HGO #170.

HIGH SCHOOL STARTS HAM CLUB... Read about this school in West Virginia https://pocahontastimes.com/ham-radio-coming-to-pchs/
Does your school offer a ham radio experience? Tell us about it on the YYN or in an email. I'd like to see how many of our youth hams were introduced to ham radio through their school: elementary, middle, or high.
Hope to hear many of you on the YYN. Take care and Happy Hamming.
Ed Engleman KG8CX

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