Net Control Now Includes Youth

Ed KG8CX will be unable to run the net on January 21, so Shelby KD9FYV will do it!

Due to attending his local radio club Winter Party, Ed KG8CX will be unable to run the YYN on Jan. 21.  As he posted on the YACHT facebook page, he would like to develop a list of Associate Net Controls from among the youth members.

Two members responded and have asked to become ANC's (associate net controls). They are Shelby KD9FYV and Kyle Wayne N5KWG.

Shelby will run the YYN on January 21st, and Kyle Wayne will take the February 4th net.

There will be a youth net controller on the first Saturday YYN of each month, or whenever Ed is not able to run the net.  We can still use a few more ANC's.

Let Ed know if you are interested in supporting YACHT activities by volunteering to do this from time to time.

The YACHT preamble is on the YACHT website in the NETS section.  

The ANC schedule is as follows:

  • JAN 21: Shelby KD9FYV
  • FEB 4: Kyle Wayne N5KWG
  • MAR 4: ??? TBA
  • APR 1: ??? TBA

Jan 18, 2017 Category: General Posted by: YACHT
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