2017 Wrap-up

YACHT had the best year ever...

Our 10th year of existance showed our greatest growth...

A. 51 new team members added, 31 youth hams ages 9 to 20 plus 20 adult ops

B. 125 members added to Facebook page

C. YACHT youth net averaged 19 check-ins

D. New improved website created (thanks to Jerry W5BFF)

E. More members gave presentations at Hamvention youth forum

F. Carole Perry WB2MGP given honorary membership

G. Three members gave presentation at Michigan HamCon in October

H. Major DX-peditions by KM4SII, KG5HVO and WA8CCS

I. Major contributions to ham radio activity and major awards and wide recognition by many members

J. Strong growth to continue in 2018.. Will you be a part of it? 

**Our members, both team and Facebook groups, are the greatest hams around.  We appreciate you all**

Jan 3, 2018 Category: General Posted by: YACHT
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