New Members and Upgrade

Our membership keeps increasing, and we see more youth upgrades...


Congratulations to Zoey W0ZOE #160 for her recent General upgrade.  She runs a net on the K4WKU-R #450239 in Bowling Green, KY on Friday at 9PM CST.  Support another young ham in her net activity.

We have added 4 new youth members and 3 adults to our growing group... Welcome

Youth Section:  KG5SZI Daniel #179 of Houston, TX -- VE7DZO David #180 of Prince George, BC -- KE0HHQ David #181 of Sioux Falls, SD -- KD2ELA Kyle #182 of Sound Beach, NY

Adult Section:  N9MUF Daniel #71 of Joliet, IL -- N5XZD Ethan #72 of Woodville, TX -- N2JFD James #73 of Sound Beach, NY

Our membership is composed of the finest youth and adult hams around. We appreciate all your efforts to make the YACHT team an example of outstanding ham radio activity.

Mar 2, 2018 Category: General Posted by: YACHT
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