1st Zello Youth Net...

Listen to the multiple sections of the net created and run by YACHT member Landon KJ7GSJ.  1st Zello Youth Net by KJ7GSJ, 5/2/20

You are invited to download the Zello platform and join the group. YACHT also has a Zello presence.  Youth interested in getting in to ham radio are encouraged to join.  Since no RF is used, no callsigns are needed. A great way for youth to learn more about ham radio.  Licensed hams of all ages are available to answer questions and provide suggestions.  Come and participate.  This net will run on Saturdays at noon CDST 1700 utc. Look for the title "Amateur Radio Prep Group" and apply for a trusted position.  You can then interact by voice with the group.  Remember, no license needed, but we will help you get to that point. 

May 2, 2020 Category: General Posted by: YACHT
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