YACHT Youth 2020-21


Here is James KN6IPL running his very first net.  He is 8 years old. James 1st Net

We have been fortunate in gaining a bunch of top notch youth so far this year - Welcome to:  KO4AYH Christopher, KO4AYI Vivien, VK2FLIC Lilly, N7LPX Luke, 9A3LLL Lana (Croatia), KJ7GSJ Landon, N0UWU Colin, K9GVN Josiah, KD9LBL Cianan, KN6GVI Augustine, M6PNH Shaun, KY7HAM Jacob, KN6IPL James, K5TRP Tripp, KE8OIP Logan, J72IMS Ishmael, KE8OSJ Kaleb, KO4EGH Wesley, K5AKX Akshay, KJ7KCB Raymond, KI5JRA Brigan.  We also signed on the following adults:  W1LGM Richard, K1TRT Sean, 9A9Y Mile, and K7OWN Andrew.  We also salute our Facebook group which is separate from our basic team, although many belong to both.

Our evening chats, M-F, 7pm have been well attended by both youth and older hams, as has been our Sat. evening youth net.  Our members are active in many ham modes:  CW, SSB, DX, Contests, Satellites, FT8, DIY, VOIP, etc...

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